Restoration Works - 2012

Works appear to be at a standstill since the "roll-out" on 31st December 2011 - but we have been trying desperately hard to get the steam pipes bent to the right degrees.

Even a call to the Hollowell group, who had a gentlemanís name but did not know whether he still did any steam pipe bending and fitting, to no avail.

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By the beginning of March we did not know which way to turn, until talking to a small group of railway personnel.

A perky voice said where we could find a hydraulic pipe bender with a taller former - to stop the pipe work from burring.

Finally some of the pipe work with the flanges fitted and the new parts that have been purchased and made ready for fitting.

The roof had the toolbox fitted in and was waterproofed - a very messy job completed over two weekends.

We received the canvasses from Ellis Ropes Ltd of Loughborough, Leicestershire. We are very pleased with the quality and despatch time, ready when required and fitted perfectly.

Taking advantage of the recent glorious weather stencilling started on the canvasses - a task taking from 9:30am to 3:30pm, masking and painting, and next day a very stiff body.