Restoration Works - 2011

On 12th March we were invited over to Leicester to the Road Roller Association AGM to be presented with an award for sorting out the restoration of the Allchin Roller and would like to say "thank you" to the RRA for this award.

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2nd December the boiler with rear tender attached arrived on the back of a lorry.

Three rolls on my Allchin - a busy December in full detail.

31st December 11:00 - 15:00 Allchin Roller (complete but not in steam) on display at Northampton & Lamport Railway.


1st November at Hunslett Steam Company to deliver parts - new rear tender in sections.

Again on 17th - amazed at what had been acheived in 2 weeks. The roller looked huge even without its rolls.

The rear tender still has to have the bolt holes drilled for the fitting of the towing bracket plus the tender to the boiler.

The Chimney painted and a new brass top fitted - a big thank you to Geoff Hopkins for his workmanship.

A full set of fire bars for fitting later.

Monday 28th November with Bill Dickens, General Archivist of the Road Roller Association, and Richard Goodhall of The Hunslett Steam Company to discuss progress and confirm date of return of the boiler and tender to the Northampton & Lamport Railway.


The old tender, missing the floor, very rusted and mis-shaped.

Painted parts needed for the rear tender ready to be packed for collection.

An undercoat of of paint applied to the new boiler barrel section before collection for a new rear tender to be made by The Hunslett Steam Company.


The first rear roll primed was milled out and a new shaft fitted - Mick Hooper completed this work for us. A new pin is at present being made.

A whole week was spent painting - front forks, both from rolls, from undercoat, twice, to top coats.

10th September the front rolls have been attched to the front yolk with the axle.


The boiler was taken back to Bedford for the test certificate, and collected again on 3rd August, a month later than promised.

14th August Nathan and Stuart started sandblasting the second rear roll ready to be primed.

The following weekend both front rolls and the headstock were sandblasted and primed, before the first coat of undercoat was applied.


Time spent cleaning down some of the slightly larger parts - clean dry metalwork painted with primer before going rusty again.

11th June the rear roll was sandblasted first, but all was not going to plan. After a whole day and only one rear cleaned down and sprayed in primer, it was time to pack up and go home.

One dog and his [sandblasting] men [Stuart and Nathan].


9th April some of the parts sand blasted by Midland Blasting collected and had a coat of primer to protect from rust reappearing.

The front forks after a first thin coat needed an even better second coat of primer.

The flywheel was cleaned down to bare metal and painted with primer along with the brake system on 10th April.

We also painted the gears of the roller to protect them from rust, these parts will be sitting around for a couple of months until the boiler is returned to us.

A new front part of the Allchin boiler has been made and riveted on - as advised by the boiler inspector in his first report.


2nd March Steve Wing of Midland Sandblasting telephoned - the parts taken over courtesy of Stuart White's transport were ready for collection.

The parts were collected the next day - in exchange more parts were dropped off.

The front forks of the roller were pressed to free the pin in the top by Sawford Engineering.


On 8th February a ride over to H Maskell & Son Ltd to deliver a part repaired by Cranehill Engineering.

The part in its previous state - another company had quoted too high a price to understake the work.

The front part of the boiler has been removed ready for a new part to be fitted, the old part requires too much welding up to make it feasible - and this roller deserves the best.

The mechanics of the roller have been jigged to stop any movement when it goes back again.

A new firebox has been made and will be certified so that it can be used. The old one will be back out on display at the Vintage Gathering on 23rd & 24th July 2011.

It looks quite small at the moment but at least it is inside in the dry having some attention paid to it and money spent on it.


A lot of time spent on cleaning up some of the metal parts that the water gauges fit into along wirh new nut screw in parts made.

The two gauge glass fittings together - before and after.

Having tried everything to get the front pin out of the forks the forks were palleted for transportation to Sawford Engineering to be pressed out - the only option left.