Restoration Works - 2010

Since July 2010 most of the activity has been behind the scenes - meeting Kate Prout from Anglia News and securing major funding for the roller restoration works.

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Some of the boiler works have been completed so on Thursday 15th July it was collected from H Maskell & Son Ltd of Bedford ready for the "Vintage Gathering" at NLR on 24th and 25th July.


After the Festival of Country Life we went back to work on the front rolls assembly - would it part this time.

Starting at 11.00am using a roofing torch and propane gas to heat up the inner and outer headstock the parts finally separated at 4.00pm on Sunday 6th June. The picture shows where it had been seized solid for all those years.

Nick Gilbert using the loadall lifted the headstock free from the pin.

On Saturday 12th June the front rolls were split apart after taking out the front axle bar.

At this point the front forks will still not come apart from the steering pin, this is also seized solid.

The picture shows the front forks being lifted of the ground.

The front rolls transported by Nick and placed by the rear wheels ready for sandblasting.


Pictures taken at H Maskell & Son Ltd on Thursday 13th May.

One side of the boiler has better depth of metal than the other side.

This side is down to 7mm in places and will need building up to 10mm to pass the pressure tests.

New outer fire box section ready to be welded back in place. The boiler is standing upside down in this picture.


Water injector prior to cleaning and in need of a cast weld repair.

First attempt to remove headstock pin from front rolls.

All smoke and NO success.


After the Christmas festivities the Allchin restoration works are again on the agenda.

15th January 2010 - New slide valve rod and regulator rod have been made as the originals were slightly bent and badly worn.

A new oval plate for the water has also been made new, along with a new chimney.

28th January 2010 - The boiler has been sandblasted today and has had one coat of zinc undercoat painted on to protect it.

Another coat would have been painted on but it began to rain.

It looks pretty good though. Now its ready for the engine to be positioned back on top.

31st January 2010 - The boiler has been positioned now on its side with the help of Adam and the loadall.

Boiler carefully balanced and lying ready for the engine to be fitted.

The engine has been cleaned down, painted with zinc undercoat and top coated ready to be replaced on top of the boiler.

Engine being lined up in the right place next to the boiler ready for fitting.

Each rear roll placed upright ready for future sandblasting. Not shown, inserts are protected on both of the rolls.