Restoration Works - 2009

The hard work starts now.

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The boiler has been lifted and placed upright for Midland Blasting to sandblast all the old rust away ready for the boiler works which will be started in the New Year.

Nick driving the forklift, along with Julian and Adam attaching lifting straps to manoeuvre the boiler into an upright position standing on wood.

Once the sandblasting has been completed this whole part will be painted with the silver undercoating already purchased.


The engine has been painstakingly whiz-wheeled to clean off all the rust and remove some of the previous covering.

As can be seen in this picture the engine is now ready to go back onto the boiler once the proper gasket sealant has been purchased and the sandblasting and painting has been completed.


Part of the boiler has been cleaned down and painted with undercoat to protect it.

The engine has been cleaned down and this has to be finished off and fitted back on top of the boiler before it goes off for its works.

The Boiler Inspector assessed the firebox and boiler on 29th October 2009. After this works can begin on the biggest part of the restoration, the boiler, firebox tube plate renewal, and fitting of the tubes.


At the beginning of September after the Great Dorset Steam Fair, work began on the final stages of taking apart the roller, piece-by-piece, ready for the restoration.

After Cranford Rally we had another chance to get some more work done. The smoke box had to be cut off for the Boiler Inspector to have a good look inside the boiler. That should have made getting the tube plate out easy, but NO it has been welded in. Fortunately a Company from Bedford can cut this out properly when the boiler and firebox have been inspected.