Restoration Works - Allchin Shed

Once the money was made available work commenced - and it was all hands to the pumps.

Telegraph Poles were ordered first - but as most companies had sold out of their supplies we had to pay slightly more than initially quoted.

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March 2011

The front doors were the last item to be finished and on 6th March they were covered and hung - the roller has a dry place to be kept in for the first time in a long time.

This was a first priority for the start of the roller and for the milestones of the Peoples Millions money from the Big Lottery.

Now some of the other works can be started in the dry and using power that we did not have in the bottom corner of the field.

February 2011

On Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd 2 more poles were put in place at the front and the supporting timbers to attach the sheets to were also fixed.

The following Saturday some of telegraph poles were cut and secured in place on top of the standing poles.

On Sunday 6th the winds became gale force, but not put off, some of the panels were fixed on one of the side walls.

The back wall was the last to be completed in the light, but as Dave had to go to the hospital to see wife Janet who was not very well, it was time to pack up and hope that the gale force winds did not blow anything away.

12th February Julian’s birthday, but he wanted to get the building finished.

Next day Pete & Phil Bailey arrived - both used to working on roof areas, promptly went up the ladders, moved about as though at ground level, and manhandled the roof sheets into place.

Barge boards had to be fixed down due to the wind on the roof space - Stuart at one end and Pete the other and Julian out of picture.

The final two panels are fitted to the front of the shed - the picture shows the Allchin Shed almost complete.

First lorry load of clean crushed hardcore delivered, but after levelling it out it was decided that another lorry load was needed.

Julian and Stuart ably assisted by Tom and Andrew.

January 2011

On 23rd January, even though the weather stayed dry, it was quite boggy under foot, but with Julian on the dumper and Nathan on the digger, they soon started to level out the area where the Allchin Shed was to be built.

Haydn came along to lend a hand digging out a trench for drain pipes from the train pit area to go past the Shed.

This was hard going as the drain water had mixed with the clay and like glue held your feet fast.

At least 4 dumper loads of soil were dug out but it was taking for ever and a day to get the area dug out properly. Dave Cambray came to the rescue the following Saturday bright & early and digging began.

When I called in at 4.15pm I was amazed to see the space for the Allchin Shed was ready for the telegraph poles to go in.

Sunday 30th January 2011 – Stuart & Dave White, Julian & Nathan plus Nick dug holes, cut the poles down slightly and began manhandling them into place.

A little sunshine and finally 9 poles all around the outside completed in one day.