Home Time - 2012

Weekend 8-9th September 2012 - the first road run of the William Allchin 10 tonne steam roller, restored in just 3 years and 4 days thanks to the donations from people and ďThe Big Lottery FundĒ.

A journey by Allchin Roller 1131 - images by Dan Henman.

Well I will be blowed, this roadway says nothing over 7.5 tonne except access. I am sure that this Sunday afternoon no one will stop me - I have been a star attraction at an event raising funds for Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance.

I hope that there is enough water and coal to get us home, rolling, rolling, rolling. I can only travel 4 mph and if itís up hill its hard work, I am only a puffing roller.

Steady does it my rolls are old and my joints are stiff. Mixing the original old parts with the new means I need a run in to get used to moving again. It has been a long time since I was able to do this. Mind you I am sure my rolls are doing some good to these road surfaces.

Stop, stop, stop, my pumps stopped working because of all those humps and potholes on that last road - all my bolts have jolted free. I thought these road builders had been trained. They donít make em like they used to in my day, 113 years ago. Car driver, mind the steersman, he has given me a lot of tender loving care, since I was picked up.

Thatís better, back on the new part of the bypass coming out of Brixworth on the A508. Mark Rantle is my driver and Julian Skinner is the steersman. We have achieved record time coming home, only 2 Ĺ hours. A bit different to over 4 hours going and having to fill up the tender in Brixworth at Blasonís Garage. When I go up and down hills I donít half get thirsty.