Allchin Road Roller No 1131 was built in 1899 and registered by "The County Borough of Northampton Highways Department" as their No 1 roller in their fleet on 28th February 1900.

It was used by the Highways Department for road making and repairs to existing streets, avenues and roads until it was taken out of service sometime in the 1960's.

A scarifier was fitted to the right hand side rear of the roller for some of the road repairs to be carried out.

The right hand rear roll broke away when it was repairing the road in the location of Clare Street, Northampton. The repairs were carried out at the Westbridge Depot and this was some time in the 1950's.

This roller was also pictured in 1959 at a location that was not recorded, possibly after an overhaul and a clean up.

In the 1960's after it was retired from use the roller took part in the Northampton Carnival Parades each year, this was when children and adults used to be able to throw coins into buckets and onto floats.

One such picture dating from 1969/70 shows the roller leaving midsummer meadow towing a trailer with road working signs. The same trailer is behind the roller somewhere in the town again in the carnival parade.

The earlier pictures of the roller attending steam rallies around Northamptonshire are all in black and white, but clearly show it next to No 2 in the fleet.