Events - The People's Millions

November 2010 - By Sharon Skinner.

Big Lottery Fund

It all started with filling in The People’s Million's paperwork, preparing a project plan, and a capital & revenue costing sheet (most of this form filling required a fair amount of research before completing).

Next off to a Media Conference in Cambridge for the day, very nerve racking standing in front of a television camera and then watching yourself broadcast.

But it paid off, the William Allchin Steam Roller project had made it to the final of a telephone vote by the people.

On 15th November 2010 - ITV presenter Kate Prout and cameraman Johnny arrived at the Pitsford & Brampton Station along with the pupils from both Pitsford and The Bramptons County Primary Schools.

In all a total of 63 children, plus teachers and head teachers, and numerous helpers and fundraisers were there to take part in the television filming.

With only parts of the roller to be seen the children stood and shouted out "VOTE FOR US", at the top of their voices - the majority of the filming was of the station and the Peckett Steam train taking the children for a train ride.

Wednesday 24th November 2010 - the voting day for either the Allchin Steam Roller or the Church Bells of Little Paxton.

Thursday 25th November 2010 - we waited with baited breath for news (good or bad). No news came until 3pm when I received a call to say we had not been successful. My heart sank and I then had to break the news to Adam [Giles], Karen [Goethals] and Julian [Skinner].

But then, on Friday 26th November 2010, at 12.03 precisely, the surprise call came through to say that we were the top runners up and would be getting the bonus award. I was so overwhelmed by this that I needed to sit outside from the office and take it in first before I could start to get in touch with just members of the Preservation Society.

No mention then of filming the Cheque Presentation, but Gordon [Titmuss] from NLR called later and with about an hour's warning we mustered as many people as possible to form a crowd at the station to receive the cheque. Like me many had to race from one side of Northampton to the other on a Friday afternoon.

The final pictures show the Cheque Presentation (practise and official) with some key members, Julian Skinner, Reginald & Barabara Skinner (members who have done a lot of fund raising), Trevor Skeats, the new Chairman, and John Stapleton the presenter of the cheque.

Taking the pictures - Stuart White of Hannington Vintage Tractor Club.

And finally a big Thank You goes to everyone else who has helped make this project a winner in the Anglia Region.