Events 2011


24th September 2011 - Sharon Skinner.

I was able to be a steam apprentice for a day on "Katie" - dressed in red overalls and under the instruction of Malcolm.

Hanging on so that I did not fall off - that's better, now we are off on the start of a road run.


27th - 28th August 2011.

The boiler was on display at Lamport Hall over the Bank Holiday weekend showing the fitted tubes, tube-plate, new front boiler section and the smoke box fitted correctly.


23rd - 24th July 2011.

The boiler had been collected from Bedford with only the testing to be completed, and the Allchin Shed was also open for inspection.

Mr Graham Burbury of the Road Roller Association attended, along with Mr Bill Dickens [pictured], without his help with some of the legal aspects the roller could still be sitting in the council yard declining further.


1st - 3rd July 2011.

We had the road making demonstration with Mr White's motor roller and stone crusher, run by a diesel Bamford, at Hollowell again this year, but on a smaller scale.