Blue Watch - 2016

Fire Station Open Day 30th July 2016.

Lee from BSI transport along with his partner Karen and daughter Carrie, arrived at Northampton & Lamport Railway at 8.45 to collect the W Allchin 10 tonne steam roller and take her to the Lower Mounts Fire Station for their open day.

The event started at 10.30 and went on until 4.30 in the afternoon, giving demonstrations from the engines on how to rescue people from buildings using the ladders and what equipment they have at their disposal on each fire engine.

Families coming in went past the steam roller, blowing the whistle and asking questions, it was a lovely sunny day. We had lots of visitors throughout the day. Also “Red Thunder” played rock and roll live music plus local singers/musicians played in front of the crowd.

The Allchin whistle was blown nearly a hundred times in the time we were there, leaving the ears ringing of the person standing at the back of the engine. Fortunately we also had chairs and some items for sale, so when it got to 3.00 we all had a rest and moved the whistle rope out of reach.

Then it was time to get the engine back to the railway. Lee collected the low loader trailer with his lorry and the roller was loaded, transported back to the railway by 5.45pm. An enjoyable day was had by everyone concerned.

A big thank you to Lee and BSI transport for transporting the roller and Steve Korcanan from Blue Watch, for inviting the roller and her crew.